About Us


Mada 24 Revelations is an individual company, created by young and motivated journalist from Madagascar. Following, our participation to the ninth Global investigative Journalism (GIJC 2015) attended in Lillehammer, In October this year; we decide to bring new vision of journalism practices in my country. Our wish to share with our workmates and colleagues, all experiences that I have learnt during this trip.

My ambition, with this company is to promote investigative journalism in our country and to create network between local journalists, with our colleagues across the world. Yes, there are opportunities to enrich our knowledge, our skills as journalist in Madagascar but they are not enough, we need also to open with friends and collaborators abroad.

Our have a challenge! And be sure I shall realize it, with your contribution. Read our articles and our webdocs, ask our services, and use our database mean that you encourage us to go ahead. Certainly, it’s an individual and commercial company but our motivation doesn’t base on profit. Our priority is to innovate and to ameliorate our practices in journalism in a developing country as Madagascar. However, mada24.net engages journalists, photographer, webmaster, and administration agent so we have also to find a financial sources that why some of our services are not free. We invite too organizations, Ngos, Associations, others customers to collaborate with us. We are professional and we shall never disappoint you!



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