Jean Max Rakotomamonjy : « Madagascar has a positive cooperation with China »

The president of the Malagasy National Assembly, Jean Max Rakotomamonjy is very optimistic about the future of Sino-Malagasy cooperation. In this interview, he shares his point of view.

Riana Raymond ( R.R): Where do you see the Sino-Malagasy relationship going?

Jean Max Rakotomamonjy ( JMR): Following to speech of the President of Republic, in June 26th , during the Independence Day ceremony (57th of our independence), Madagascar has a special diplomacy, based on economic and the collaboration of all countries. Many Chineses live in Madagascar and they  collaborate sincerly with malagasy people and malagasy authorities.  Personally, I think that China works also with others developing countries or developed countries too. So, if relationship between the two countries is beneficial for us, there will not problems.

R.R: Please tell us, the former meeting between you and the Chinese delegation in 2015? Does this meeting have a link of the current project that some parliamentarians signed in China, there is four weeks ago?

JMR: Yes, there was this meeting in 2015, here at my office with this delegation.  It does mean, that there is a good relationship between Malagasy and Chinese. The presence of Chinese in Madagascar is not news, As we know that there is four or five former generation of Chinese here in Madagascar. We find Chinese anywhere and across the country. To face of this situation, all partnership agreement consists of finding solution to problems of development in our country, not only to resolve the economic crisis but social too.

The Malagasy president’s visit in China is a consolidation of cooperation between the two countries. The Chinese government organized special ceremony to his honor. For me, it is the new departure of new collaborations.

I always insist to explain you, that the relation between Madagascar and China is not recent; there is signature for a partnership in South Africa,  may be last year, but I don’t remember. There is also the project named “Silk road”. The Chinese government plan to help us on Road construction, maritime and Air Transport. It will be beneficial for Madagascar. Many economic activities shall be developed like tourism, for example.

R.R: Talking Road, we would like to know how about the road which connects the Region of DIANA and SAVA where you are elected? We hear that Chinese Company wins the call of tender?

JMR: The question is not on this point, when you tell that Chinese won the Call of tenders but the important is which will carry out the rehabilitation of this road?  And when they will start? Actually, local population in my region needs to circulate freely. Unfortunately, the situation in Madagascar is so sad.  You know: The country is split in two: the south and the north because of this piece of road (160 kilometers) with disastrous and lamentable state.

The rehabilitation of this road is important and personally I think that we need to do it as soon as possible, but it is a responsibility of the Executive Power.

R.R: As we know, you are working with a Chinese as special advisor, Me  Gao Jose Ramaherison, so please tell us how about it and how about him?

JMR: Just a precision, at the National assembly we have no a special advisor. We have only advisor, so, Me gao Ramaherison is one. His nomination at this post is very important for us, especially on economic and diplomacy. He is our facilitator between Chinese investors and Chinese high authorities. He really helps us because he speaks Chinese and he knows these persons.

R.R: What is the most difficult aspect about doing business in Madagascar? What advice would you give entrepreneurs who are thinking about investing in Madagascar?

JMR: I think that there is not obstacle or difficulties of doing business in Madagascar. But, as parliamentarian, we inform you that the two parliaments (Senate and National Assembly) adopted laws to ameliorate and facilitate all conditions of investment in Madagascar. This investment concern foreign and local operators and entrepreneurs. We motivate them to invest more. In spite of the facilitation, Madagascar has many structures and organizations who control sums and money. They verify if the money is clean or dirty,  they control if there is or not money laundering. It will be difficult for foreign or local investors to use dirty money here.

R.R: Are you member of American International Chamber of Commerce?  Tell us about your work with it?

JMR: Who is member of this chamber? Me?  As I told you, I am a parliamentarian not economic operator. As parliamentarian, my function is not compatible with other works or titles. But, All can I do, I can facilitate only the investments if, my help is necessary. Our objective is to develop the country, to flourish the economy because we have a duty to help also Malagasy people to fight against poverty. I specify, my intervention is about to facilitate the implantation or arrival of investors and operators in the country, if my help is requested.

NDRL: The original of this interview is in Malagasy. We have to translate in English following for our readers.