CCI IVATO: U.S. Embassy Hosts 21st Century Skills English Teaching Symposium

The opening ceremony of the U.S. Embassy’s 21st Century Skills English Teaching Symposium took place today at the Centre de Conference International (CCI) Ivato.
Supporting President Andry Rajoelina’s initiative to strengthen English language teaching in
Madagascar, the U.S. Embassy has invested over $150,000 in this symposium dedicated to increasing
the overall capacity of local English teachers.
381 teachers from 22 regions have come to Antananarivo to take part in the two-day conference led
by Regional English Language Officer, Kevin McCaughey, and ten American English Language Fellows.
In addition to promoting Madagascar’s new English-language lycee curriculum, which was developed
in partnership between the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Education, classes will cover a variety of
topics including social emotional language learning, student-centric education, English through music
and movement, techniques in writing and reading, pronunciation, and visual thinking.
The U.S. Embassy is a strong advocate of educational and English-language initiatives. Students that
excel in English have countless opportunities to apply for U.S. educational exchange programs and