Dear lecturers,

Today is special day for us, not only for the team of mada24.net but for you all who visit our site, because it’s the first time that five young Malagasy people launch officially, their own investigative media online.

It’s an ambitious site, that’s why we decided to publish integrally in  French and English, and especially investigative reports on financial crime: corruption, money laundering, and illegal finance, etc…

To have international visibility and to promote investigations are our main objectives by choosing this kind of journalism who needs moneys and risky.

Certainly, face to Malagasy context, it’s really difficult and we have to overcome obstacles but with motivation, courage, and determination, we are ready to fight, we are sure that we shall own.

Our site presents information but, we provide also services: we help our customers to secure their investisment : we do researches, we investigate, we provides statistics, translations, we realize documentaries, commercials spots, and special reports about their products with a competitive rate.

Our team is professional and all members are ready to satisfy your needs with most attention and respect of ethics.

So as leader of the team, I invite you to visit our site, it’s free and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have remarks, commentary, and constructive criticism.

This site is ours. We invite all sources to get in touch with us, if you have any subject of investigation: write us, call us and our team replies you as quick as possible.
We wish you all the best.

Enjoy your trip with our team on this site!

Riana Randrianarisoa